Cappuccino 0.6 Available Today

After a lot of hard work, we’re ready to announce Cappuccino 0.6. There’s a ton of great stuff in here so make sure you update your install! Aside from a bunch of bug fixes, some of the most notable changes include:

  • New language addition to Objective-J: The @accessors keyword to eliminate the boiler plate code of writing setters and getters. Read more about it here.
  • Support for more classes like CPTimer.
  • Performance improvements all around, but especially in Objective-J thanks to a major rewrite of the parser.
  • Improved debugging tools and a new debugging “mode”.

And much more! But despite all these additions, Cappuccino has actually gotten smaller with this release. That’s thanks to some pretty cool new compression technologies. We’d like to thank the guys over at DoJo for their outstanding work on shrinksafe, which along with a number of custom techniques on our end, have really helped this along.

You may have also heard that Coda and SubEthaEdit are now shipping with built in support for Objective-J and Cappuccino. This is really exciting, but make sure to get the latest and greatest bundles from our downloads page, available in the Frameworks and Tools package. The download also includes modules for TextMate and Vim so no need to worry if you use these editors.

However, the best part about 0.6 is that we’ve had the most contributors thus far. We’d like to thank everyone who filed bugs and helped out on the IRC channel. And of course a special thanks to everyone that submitted patches:

Rich Collins Patrick Crosby Jake MacMullin Sam McDonald Glenn Rempe Nick Takayama

So download it, take it for a spin, and don’t forget to file bugs!

Posted by Francisco Tolmasky
on Dec 11, 2008.
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