Cappuccino 0.7.1 Released

This is maintenance release for 0.7 and includes mainly bug fixes. You can see a complete list of changes in our release notes, or look at a quick summary here:


  • Improvements to the way nib2cib handles custom classes in nibs.
  • Improvements to menus and menu items in nib2cib
  • Added automatic drag and drop support to CPImageView
  • Better JSON support
  • Better UTF8 Support
  • Updated included version of Narwhal (http://narwhaljs.org/)

One completely new feature we added is an auto generated showcase app for the theming API we introduced in 0.7. This showcase allows you to better test your themes under a number of different conditions. You can check out the one for Aristo here.

Aristo Showcase


As always you can download this release from our downloads page, or update your source.

Thanks for all the help on this release!

Posted by Francisco Tolmasky
on Jul 06, 2009.
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