GitHub Issues Update

Three months ago we were thrilled to announce the introduction of our front end to GitHub Issues. Since then we have worked on specific bugs in the applications and added small features here and there.

Today we are excited to announce the first major revision to our GitHub Issues! Below is a list of all the new features Nick Small and Randy Luecke have worked hard to introduce.

  • Editable Issues
  • Swap orientation button in the browser version
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Additional columns with the ability to show and hide them by right clicking the table header
  • Additional search filters
  • Additional improvements for keyboard
  • Support for previewing issues before you submit them
  • Bulk operations on multiple issues at once
  • Notifications for unsaved comments and issues
  • OAuth
  • Full support for tagging

…and of course various bug fixes!

You can view the application by visiting githubissues.heroku.com, or you can download the updated desktop version (read more about how we make this work with NativeHost).

In addition to this new version of the application Randy has worked hard on a browser extension to automatically convert GitHub URLs to use our Cappuccino app.

You can customize it to do any of the following:

  • Automatically redirect you from GitHub.com issues to our application
  • Prompt you each time you enter an issues page to redirect you to our application
  • Click the button in the toolbar to redirect you to our application.

If you are looking at a GitHub repository and click the button in the toolbar you will be redirected to that repository’s issues. If you’re not viewing a repository and click the button in the toolbar you will be redirected to the Issues application where you can select a repository and issue from there.

GitHub Issues Safari Extension

This plugin has been open source and is available on GitHub, but if you just want to install it you can download it here.

We hope you are as excited about this revision as we are, and we hope this update will make our application even more useful to you!

Posted by Randy Luecke
on Aug 18, 2010.
Tagged update.
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