Cappuccino News

New features

  • Basic support has been added for NSDateFormatter in nib2cib. (Alexander Ljungberg)

  • Lazy support for bytes() and base64() added to CFData, +dataWithBytes and +dataWithBase64 methods added to CPData. (cacaodev)

  • capp_lint has been added to the Tools directory. capp_lint is a command-line tool to check code conformance with the Cappuccino style conventions. Anyone submitting pull requests should use capp_lint. Note that if you use the SublimeLinter plugin with Sublime Text 2, capp_lint is built in. (Aparajita Fishman)

  • Added missing CPSplitView -adjustSubviews method. (Aparajita Fishman)

  • Added rhino-narwhal patch that can be applied to add JAVA_OPTS support when running Cappuccino utilities through rhino. (Alexander Ljungberg)


  • CPURLRequest -init correctly initializes the object. (Alexander Ljungberg)

  • Fixed a crash when removing objects from an array controller which has its [email protected] observed. (Alexander Ljungberg)

  • Fixed: a collection view wouldn’t become the first responder when its items were clicked. (Alexander Ljungberg)

  • Fixed CPScrollView trying to access subviews in -initWithCoder. (Aparajita Fishman)

  • Added an xcode-select warning to bootstrap.sh. (Alexander Ljungberg)

  • CPKeyedUnarchiver -decodeIntForKey, -decodeFloatForKey, and -decodeDoubleForKey now return 0 instead of nil, per Cocoa. (Aparajita Fishman)

Issues/Pull Requests

  • 261 open issues
  • ~180 left to triage
  • ~20 closed in the last 8 days.
  • 22 open pull requests
  • 1 pull request closed in the last 8 days.
Posted by Aparajita Fishman
on Apr 24, 2012.
Tagged Cappuccino, update.
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