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If you have news about new projects in which Cappuccino is being used — internal or external — be sure to let everyone know!

Please pay special attention to the Fixes & Changes section, there may be changes that will affect your code.

New Features

  • Two new methods have been added to CPView: registerThemeValues: and registerThemeValues:inherit:. These methods allow you to quickly configure the appearance of widgets using the same compact data format used in ThemeDescriptors.j, but at runtime. This is great when you need to customize your widgets but don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a new theme. For example:

    ToolbarButtonHeight = 30.0;
    ToolbarButtonThemeValues = [];
    @implementation ToolbarButton : CPButton
    + (void)initialize
        var bezelColor = CPColorWithImages(
            ["button-bezel-left.png", 2.0, ToolbarButtonHeight],
            ["button-bezel-center.png", 1.0, ToolbarButtonHeight],
            ["button-bezel-right.png", 2.0, ToolbarButtonHeight]
        highlightedBezelColor = CPColorWithImages(
            ["button-bezel-highlighted-left.png", 2.0, ToolbarButtonHeight],
            ["button-bezel-highlighted-center.png", 1.0, ToolbarButtonHeight],
            ["button-bezel-highlighted-right.png", 2.0, ToolbarButtonHeight]
        ToolbarButtonThemeValues = [
            [@"font",               [CPFont systemFontOfSize:17.0], CPThemeStateBordered],
            [@"text-color",         [CPColor colorWithHexString:@"c7c8ca"]],
            [@"text-shadow-color",  [CPColor clearColor], CPThemeStateBordered],
            [@"text-shadow-color",  [CPColor clearColor], CPThemeStateBordered | CPThemeStateDisabled],
            [@"bezel-color",        bezelColor, CPThemeStateBordered],
            [@"bezel-color",        highlightedBezelColor, CPThemeStateBordered | CPThemeStateHighlighted],
            [@"min-size",           CGSizeMake(0.0, ToolbarButtonHeight)],
            [@"max-size",           CGSizeMake(-1.0, ToolbarButtonHeight)],
    - (id)initWithFrame:(CGRect)aFrame
        self = [super initWithFrame:aFrame];
        if (self)
            [self registerThemeValues:ToolbarButtonThemeValues];
        return self;
  • The new Cocoa image scaling constant names have been added to CPControl.j:

    New name                            Old name
    CPImageScaleProportionallyDown      CPScaleProportionally
    CPImageScaleAxesIndependently       CPScaleToFit;
    CPImageScaleNone                    CPScaleNone;
    CPImageScaleProportionallyUpOrDown  <not implemented>

    The old names are supported but deprecated, so you should use the new names. Support for CPImageScaleProportionallyUpOrDown has been added as well (thanks Blair Duncan). There is a demo of image alignment and scaling in Tests/Manual/CPImageViewAlignmentScaling.

  • valuePath and valueURL bindings have been added for CPImageView. See Tests/Manual/CPImageViewbindingsTest for an example. (Thanks cocoadev)

  • Added CPURL -URLByDeletingLastPathComponent and CFURL.createDeletingLastPathComponent.

  • We implemented a documented issue life cycle and have started the long overdue process of triaging the hundreds of open tickets. We encourage everyone to take a look here before posting issues:

    Posting issues

  • Support for symlinks in a project has been added to XcodeCapp. (Thanks Richard van Zon)

Fixes & Changes

  • CPEvent -timestamp now returns the fractional number of seconds since startup, as documented in Cocoa. (Thanks cocoadev)

  • XcodeCapp ignores userland NS files (NS_*.j).

  • When committing changes to an edited table cell, there was an infinite loop. This has been fixed.

  • jake will not stop if you don’t enter valid credentials when trying to install man pages for tools.

  • Previously, when a control set its value and there were bindings to the control, the value would eventually echo back. In the case of a text field, this would result in the selection changing. This has been fixed. (Thanks cocoadev)

  • A bunch of unnecessary and unintended global variables have been removed. (Thanks Blair Duncan)

  • Improvements/fixes have been made to the formatting of the log level and title in CPLog. The level will default if none is passed. If nil is passed, it is suppressed.

  • When a text field became first responder, it would be focused and then selected in two separate Javascript timeouts. This caused a small flash in some browsers. The second timeout has been eliminated to eliminate the flash.

  • CPTabView will not allow a tab to be selected if the delegate disallows it. (Thanks cocoadev)

  • The binding collection operators @min, @max, @sum and @avg were rewritten, refactored and fixed to eliminate an infinite loop with empty collections. They now support full property key paths.

  • When a text field resigns, it always sends CPControlTextDidEndEditingNotification, whether or not editing had begun. This is consistent with Cocoa.

Ticket/Pull Request Count

  • 276 open issues.
  • ~225 left to triage.
  • ~36 closed in the last 10 days.
  • 18 open pull requests.
  • 27 pull requests merged or closed in the past 10 days.
Posted by Aparajita Fishman
on Apr 17, 2012.
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