Cappuccino News 2014 July 14th

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino for the last two weeks.


New features

  • Cucapp is now available in a sub-repository of Cappuccino (https://github.com/cappuccino/cucapp). Thanks Daniel Parnell!

  • Some new major features have been added to Cucapp:

    • Cucapp provides several environment variables to configure your tests.
    • Cucapp supports file names such as CPTextField+IP.j.
    • Internal categories were added to add new features (in Cappuccino) needed for your tests.
    • cucappIdentifier, added by one of the above categories, allows you to easily access a CPResponder in your tests.
    • A set of new APIs were added. You can now simulate mouse/keyboard events in your tests.
  • The CPPopover works with the behavior CPPopoverBehaviorSemitransient.

  • CPURLConnection now has the methods - (BOOL)withCredentials and - (void)setWithCredentials:. The new functionality supported is like that of withCredentials for an XMLHttpRequest.

  • The methods +(void)setUp and +(void)tearDown are now called when launching a test with OJUnit.

  • OJUnit provides an option to run only one test now.


  • The escape key works as in Cocoa when a CPPopover or CPPanel is open.

  • Animation of a CPopover works as in Cocoa when disappearing.

  • CPAttributedString coalesces attributes correctly.

Commits/Issues/Pull Requests

  • 3 commits to master
  • 63 commits to all branches
  • 255 additions
  • 85 deletions
  • 4 merged pull requests
  • 1 closed issue
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Jul 14, 2014.
Tagged Cappuccino, update.
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