Cappuccino News

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino this past month.

New features

  • Some major features have been added to xCodeCapp:

    • xCodeCapp has been upgraded to version 3.1.
    • You can update Cappuccino from xCodeCapp.
    • You can check the code style (capp_lint) of the current project from xCodeCapp.
    • The documentation is up-to-date.
  • Added CPClipView/CPScrollView - (CGRect)documentVisibleRect.


  • Optimization of the runtime methods of Objective-J. This improves app speed by up to 50% in message intensive parts.

  • CPDatePicker is a lot more robust.

  • The style of the CPTextField is updated when editing.

  • CPComboBox works now in a modal window.

Commits/Issues/Pull Requests

  • 26 commits to master
  • 72 commits to all branches
  • 25 closed issues
  • 5 new issues
  • 14 merged pull requests
  • 8 new pull requests
  • 3570 additions
  • 230 deletions
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Jul 01, 2014.
Tagged Cappuccino, update.
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