Cappuccino News 2014 August 15th

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino for the last two weeks.


  • The blurred CPPopover animation in Google Chrome has been fixed.

  • The transient or semi-transient CPPopover now closes on a right click.

  • The checking of the usability of a CPTextField in a CPPlatformWindow takes into account the content-inset value of the CPTextField.

  • The method delegate - (void)popoverDidShow:(CPPopover)aPopover is called for a CPPopover even without animation.

  • A memory leaks has been fixed in the CPOutlineView. When reloading a CPOutlineView with new data, the class previosuly kept a reference of old data.

  • The following methods of the CPOutlineView now only work for displayed items:

    • - (BOOL)isExpandable:(id)anItem
    • - (BOOL)isItemExpanded:(id)anItem
    • - (CPInteger)rowForItem:(id)anItem
    • - (CPInteger)levelForItem:(id)anItem
    • - (id)itemAtRow:(CPInteger)aRow
    • - (CPInteger)levelForItem:(id)anItem
    • - (CPInteger)levelForRow:(CPInteger)aRow
  • The method def simulate_mouse_moved_on_point x, y, flags has been added. You can now simulate the CPMouseMoved event in your tests.
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Aug 15, 2014.
Tagged Cappuccino, update.
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