Cappuccino News 2014 September 1st

Every two weeks, we show you how Cappuccino is growing.


  • The method setControlSize: with options CPRegularControlSize, CPSmallControlSize and CPMiniControlSize is now availble for every standard Cappuccino control.

  • The theme attribute nib2cib-adjustment-frame has been added to CPControl. This allows you to specify the small adjustments and tweaks to the size and position of a control as it’s converted through nib2cib to an app using your theme. The Cappuccino themes, Aristo and Aristo 2, implement this.

  • The method PatternColor() has been improved. The function lets the user to set the size of the slices of a pattern color. This enables Retina (hi-dpi) resolution controls.

  • The ‘CPPredicateEditor’ and 'CPRuleEditor’ have been redesigned. They now use regular CPTextField and CPPopUpButton controls instead of private equivalents.

  • The bootstrap.sh filters out the string OpenRDK Runtime Environment when detecting Java version.

  • The CPToolTip class has been improved. Content alignment and a truncation issue have been fixed.

  • Buttons of a CPButtonBar are now removed from a CPButtonBar when they are not displayed anymore.

  • The CPOutlineView doesn’t crash when reloading its data and changing the position of an item anymore.


  • Cucapp automatically simulates several CPMouseMoved events between two simulated events generated by the tester.

  • A category to CPMenuItem has been added to easily add a cucappIdentifier to a CPMenuItem.

  • The category Cucumber+Extensions.j doesn’t raise an exception in Firefox anymore.
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Sep 01, 2014.
Tagged Cappuccino, update.
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