Cappuccino News 2014 September 15th

Every two weeks, we show you how Cappuccino is growing.


  • You can now declare variables and accessors in a category. (mrcarlberg)
  • CPDatePicker (textual and graphical) now works in a view-based CPTableView. (Dogild)

  • The method setFloat:forKey: of CPUserDefaults checks if the given value responds to the method floatValue. (ratijas)

  • CPRadios in a CPRadioGroup are not truncated anymore. (t00f)

  • An inactive button of a CPWindow doesn’t look like an active button in Aristo 1 anymore. (daboe01)

  • The font-color of a CPDatePicker has by default the same font-color as a CPTextField. (Dogild)

  • The deprecated delegate method collectionViewDidChangeSelection: has been removed. (daboe01)

  • The CSS style background-size is updated when changing the frameSize of the CPView. The resizing of CPScroller works again. (Dogild)

  • The method sizeOfString:withFont:forWidth: adds a pixel in width in order to fix any rounding errors. (primalmotion)

  • Hitting the backspace key on a non-editable/enable CPTextField doesn’t trigger the browser’s back button. (Dogild)

  • The method setHidden: of a CPButtonBar automatically refreshes the layout of the CPButtonBar. (primalmotion)


  • The README is up to date and includes the latest new features. (Dogild)


  • The API link in now presents in the navigation bar. (Dogild)

  • The Gitter and Gittip links have been added to the bottom bar. (Dogild)

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Sep 15, 2014.
Tagged Cappuccino, update.
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