Cappuccino News 2014 November 1st

Every two weeks, we show you how Cappuccino is growing.


  • The CPSegmentedControl supports the mini and small control size. (Dogild - PR)

  • Possibility to select part of a textual CPDatePicker when dragging. (Dogild - PR)

  • Key Value Observing generated new and old values in the change dictionary regardless of the options provided when adding the observer. Now it respects the options passed in the method addObserver:forKeyPath:options:context:. Optimization has been added, the speed improvement is 10% to 200%. (mrcarlberg - PR) and (primalmotion - PR)

  • The size of CPSecuredtextField is now calculated correctly by nib2cib. (ahankinson - PR)

  • Fixed: the total height of a CPCollectionView was too short and the CPCollectionView truncated the last view(s). (daboe01 - PR)

  • When a CPTableView has its selection style set to CPTableViewSelectionHighlightStyleNone, don’t require two clicks to select a control in a row anymore. (Dogild - PR)

  • The CPTableView won’t enable the bezeled state of a non-selectable CPTextField when clicking on it. (Dogild - PR)

  • A selectable text mouse cursor style is shown when the mouse hovers above an enabled and editable or selectable CPTextField. (Dogild - PR)

  • The size of CPSegmentedControl is now calculated correctly by nib2cib. (Dogild - PR)

  • Fixed: when closing and reopening a CPWindow the first responder would not reset. (Dogild - PR)


  • Cucapp now contains a CLI mode. The CLI allows you to simulate user events from the JavaScript console, useful when debugging your Cucumber tests. (Dogild - PR)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Nov 01, 2014.
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