Cappuccino News 2015 October 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


  • Fixed: slow drawing on non-retina resolutions due to needless identity transform. (cacaodev - c9e83e0)

  • Fixed: the init method CPArray initWithObjects:count: did not work on a native CPJavascriptArray when the argument count was different than the length of the provided array. (mrcarlberg - 8599ad4)

  • Fixed: CPTabView did not accept the first mouse event when the CPTabView was in an unfocused window. (Dogild - 3fcc37e)

  • Fixed: crash with the CPRuleEditor when dragging the first row. (Dogild - 7a0b2c9)

  • Fixed: CPToolTip did not work in an external CPWindow. (Dogild - 4ac6395)

  • Fixed: view based CPTableView broken after the CPAppearance feature was added. (Dogild - 448c2a2)

  • New: speed up app loading by creating the DOMCanvas only if CPView -drawRect: or CPView -viewWillDraw are overriden, and do it lazily (on the first viewWillLayout). (Dogild - 448c2a2)

  • New: (private API) CPView viewWillLayout and CPView viewDidLayout. (Dogild - 448c2a2)

  • Refactoring: CPAppearance and CPVisualEffectView. (Dogild - 448c2a2)


  • Fixed: CPWindows of the application not all closed when the test was over. (Dogild - e93d795)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Oct 01, 2015.
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