Cappuccino News 2015 December 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


The CappCon 2016 has been announced. This conference will be held in Liège (Belgium) on the 31st of March 2016. You can find more information here and register yourself for free here.

A Worldwide Cappuccino Meetup has been created here. Events will be organized in Mountain View every 3-4 months from April 2016. These meetups will cover different themes such as testing, demos, libraries, good practices and more.


  • New: runtime methods objj_msgSend, objj_msgSendSuper and objj_method are now faster. Possibility to inline functions when compiling with the option -O2 or the compiler flag InlineMsgSend. Arrays and dictionaries use more efficient code. This improves app speed by up to 20%. (mrcarlberg - 8c2f0ba)

  • New: include type signatures by default when compiling an Objective-J file. This can be disabled by removing the compiler flag IncludeTypeSignatures or compiling with the -T option. (mrcarlberg - 751e76b)

  • New: runtime methods method_copyReturnType, method_copyArgumentType and method_getNumberOfArguments. (mrcarlberg - 751e76b)

  • Fixed: cib performances improved through a better way to handle CPThemeAttribute. Speed improvements of up 20% when loading a cib. (mrcarlberg - b929a8f)

  • Fixed: default selection of a CPTabView didn’t not work. (zittix - 5e94aaa)

  • Fixed: CPBundle +loadCibNamed:owner: was asynchronous instead of synchronous. (Dogild - 0bc02de)

  • Fixed: cursor position of a CPTextField was wrong when the CPTextField became the first responder. (Dogild - 78e29d2)

  • New: XcodeCapp ignores the resources folder. (Dogild - 5457ddb)

  • Fixed: XCodeCapp did not ignore its own xib when the XcodeCapp folder was in a Cappuccino project. (Dogild - 2b17e17)

  • Fixed: memory leaks in XcodeCapp. (Dogild - 671ed3c bacb701)

  • Optimized: reload the operations and errors table views only when they are visible in XcodeCapp. (Dogild - 2b17e17)

  • Refactored: do not use Lumberjack in XcodeCapp anymore. (Dogild - f41504c 51a88a2)

  • Refactored: CPString -charPositionOfString:withFont:forPoint:. (Dogild - e214bf3)

  • Test: manual test SmartFoldersDemo fixed. (Dogild - 411a282)


  • New: Cucapp now uses watir-webdriver as support for the browser. (Dogild - 27f03e4)

  • New: environment variables WATIR_CHROME_DRIVER and WATIR_CHROME_SWITCHES to configure watir for Chrome. (minimilk - a12e068)

  • New: files CPResponder+CuCapp.j and CuCapp+Record.j are now copied to the targeted folder when using the cucapp command. (Dogild - 61b1906)

  • New: Cucapp now dispatches DOM events to the main document instead of sending events to the CPApp. (Dogild - 7f830c1)

  • New: default steps such as clicking, hitting a key and checking a CPControl value in test_application_steps.rb. (Dogild - 8075435)

  • New: environment variables BROWSER_SIZE_WIDTH and BROWSER_SIZE_HEIGHT to specify the size of the browser when testing. (Dogild - 8075435)

  • New: possiblity to create screenshots from Cucapp. (Dogild - 3472386)

  • New: support for phantomjs. (Dogild - 10b3ff2)


  • Fixed: tutorials have been updated with the latest features of XcodeCapp, Safari and Objective-J. (Dogild - c468440)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Dec 01, 2015.
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