Cappuccino News 2016 January 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


The CappCon 2016 has been announced. This conference will be held in Liège (Belgium) on the 31st of March 2016. You can find more information here and register yourself for free here.

Two new tutorials on the subject of testing Cappuccino applications have been added to this website. The first tutorial explains how to use the OJTest frameworks, and the second one is about using the Cucapp framework. You can find them here and here, respectively.


  • Fixed: incompatibility with Internet Explorer 10. The withCredentials property is now set after the XMLHttpRequest has been opened. (Rosch - 04f8545 0508b70)

  • Fixed: subquery expressions containing variables of a CPPredicate were ignored. (cacaodev - 0ac0845)

  • Fixed: CPDateFormatter did not work with the symobols MM and LL for the month of December. (Dogild - b59b025)

  • Test: new manual test for CPTabViewBindings. (cacaodev - 912fdea)


  • New: abstract layer of steps. These steps can be used to quickly and easily write tests in Cucumber. They are totally abstract and can be used for every Cappuccino application. They provide an API to simulate any actions a user could perform and to check values in the application. (Dogild - 30786c5)

  • New: the environment variable CAPP_INSTALL_DIR can be used to specify where Cucapp should be installed when using jake install. (Dogild - b172e5a)

  • New: Ruby methods to generate mouse up and down events. (william57m - 76551a5)

  • New: the environment variable BROWSER_FULL_SCREEN can be set to have the browser in full screen when testing. (william57m - 76551a5)

  • Refactoring of the class Encumber. Drag and drop events were generated from the Cappuccino side. They are now generated from the Cucumber side instead. (william57m - 76551a5)

  • Fixed: it wasn’t possible to launch the tests other than on port 3000. (Dogild - a87e514 531645a)


  • New: jake install will update OJTest on your system. (Dogild - d19e968)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Jan 01, 2016.
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