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CappCon 2011: Success!

The first ever Cappuccino conference was a massive success. CappCon 2011 had a diverse set of attendees from six different continents and included both speakers and sponsors from Pixar, Google, Sofa, Push Pop Press, Shopify, and many others. The overall theme of the conference was “Design, Develop, Distribute”; everything you need in order to build a successful app. The talks explored this theme and covered a huge breadth of knowledge, while each one explored its topic in satisfying detail. In addition, all seven members of the core team were in the same room at the same time to answer questions from the community.


Solving the JavaScript Memory Management Problem

JavaScript has some real problems. Anyone who has programmed for the web can attest to that. And anyone familiar with what we're doing with Cappuccino will recognize that we're not afraid to tackle those problems head on. When we created Objective-J we set out to create a set of true enhancements to the JavaScript language that would add powerful new dynamic features to the language, like advanced automatic dependency resolution, truly dynamic message passing, and familiar classical inheritance. By all accounts it has been a tremendous success.