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Cappuccino 0.9.7

After nearly a year's worth of work we are truly excited to introduce Cappuccino 0.9.7, a major update to the Cappuccino framework featuring a massive number of new features.

Since Cappuccino is such a wide framework, ranging from a low foundations such as our Objective-J compiler, all the way up to the full featured, fully themable UI kit AppKit, it's incredibly hard to summarise all the changes. But here's our best stab at it:


Cappuccino 0.9.6

Cappuccino 0.9.6 is a stable build of Cappuccino for those of you not yet ready to update to Objective-J 2.0.

Should I get Cappuccino 0.9.6?

Are any of the following true?

  • I need a stable build.
  • I am currently using Cappuccino 0.9.5, 0.9.6-RC1 or 0.9.6-RC2.


Objective-J 2.0, Continuous Integration and 0.9.6 RC2

The Cappuccino community is buzzing with activity. Here's a recap of recent news.

Followers of the mailing list will know that work on Objective-J 2.0 is in full swing. This improved compiler which will generate much faster execution performance for Cappuccino apps. Multiple people are working on various versions - Christopher Bruno, Martin Carlberg and Francisco Tolmasky. Presently Martin is trying out an acorn based parser with promising performance.


Cappuccino 0.9.5

Today we are extremely excited to announce Cappuccino 0.9.5, featuring over 90 new features and improvements in addition to numerous bug fixes. Here are some of the new features we think you'll really like.

Modern scrollbars

Cappuccino now features new scrollbars which fade away automatically when not in use, giving more space for the content of your scroll views. If the user's browser does not support or use overlay scrollbars, Cappuccino automatically detects it and falls back to old style scrollbars.


Cappuccino 0.8

Cappuccino 0.8 is now available on the downloads page. This release has a ton of new features and fixes, and I'd like to thank everyone in the community that meticulously checked their existing software against the Release Candidates in the last few weeks.