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CPFont.j File Reference

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 CPFontCurrentSystemSize = -1
 CPFontDefaultSystemFontFace = @"Arial, sans-serif"
 CPFontDefaultSystemFontSize = 12
var CPFontIsBoldKey = @"@"CPFontIsBoldKey"
var CPFontIsItalicKey = @"@"CPFontIsItalicKey"
var CPFontIsSystemKey = @"@"CPFontIsSystemKey"
var CPFontNameKey = @"@"CPFontNameKey"
var CPFontSizeKey = @"@"CPFontSizeKey"

Variable Documentation

CPFontCurrentSystemSize = -1

To create a font of a size that will dynamically reflect the current system font size, use this for the size argument.

Definition at line 32 of file CPFont.j.

CPFontDefaultSystemFontFace = @"Arial, sans-serif"

Definition at line 25 of file CPFont.j.

CPFontDefaultSystemFontSize = 12

Definition at line 26 of file CPFont.j.

var CPFontIsBoldKey = @"@"CPFontIsBoldKey"

Definition at line 435 of file CPFont.j.

var CPFontIsItalicKey = @"@"CPFontIsItalicKey"

Definition at line 436 of file CPFont.j.

var CPFontIsSystemKey = @"@"CPFontIsSystemKey"

Definition at line 437 of file CPFont.j.

var CPFontNameKey = @"@"CPFontNameKey"

Definition at line 433 of file CPFont.j.

var CPFontSizeKey = @"@"CPFontSizeKey"

Definition at line 434 of file CPFont.j.