API  1.0.0
CPColorWell(CPCoding) Category Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - encodeWithCoder:
(id) - initWithCoder:

Detailed Description

Definition at line 384 of file CPColorWell.j.

Method Documentation

◆ encodeWithCoder:()

- (void) encodeWithCoder: (CPCoder aCoder

Archives this button into the provided coder.

aCoderthe coder to which the color well's instance data will be written.

Extends class CPColorWell.

Definition at line 408 of file CPColorWell.j.

◆ initWithCoder:()

- (id) initWithCoder: (CPCoder aCoder

Initializes the color well by unarchiving data from aCoder.

aCoderthe coder containing the archived CPColorWell.

Extends class CPColorWell.

Definition at line 390 of file CPColorWell.j.

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