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CPCollectionViewItem Class Reference

#import <CPCollectionViewItem.h>

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Instance Methods

(CPCollectionView- collectionView
(id) - copy
(BOOL) - isSelected
(void) - setRepresentedObject:
(void) - setSelected:

Detailed Description

Represents an object inside a CPCollectionView.

Definition at line 2 of file CPCollectionViewItem.h.

Method Documentation

- (CPCollectionView) collectionView

Returns the collection view of which this item is a part.

Definition at line 105 of file CPCollectionViewItem.j.

- (id) copy

Definition at line 33 of file CPCollectionViewItem.j.

- (BOOL) isSelected

Returns YES if the item is currently selected. NO if the item is not selected.

Definition at line 96 of file CPCollectionViewItem.j.

- (void) setRepresentedObject: (id)  anObject

Sets the object to be represented by this item.

anObjectthe object to be represented

Definition at line 63 of file CPCollectionViewItem.j.

- (void) setSelected: (BOOL)  shouldBeSelected

Sets whether this view item should be selected.

shouldBeSelectedYES makes the item selected. NO deselects it.

Definition at line 78 of file CPCollectionViewItem.j.

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