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CPWebScriptObject Class Reference

#import <CPWebScriptObject.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for CPWebScriptObject:

Instance Methods

(id) - callWebScriptMethod:withArguments:
(id) - evaluateWebScript:
(id) - initWithWindow:
(Window) - window

Detailed Description

A CPWebScriptObject is an Objective-J wrapper around a scripting object.

Definition at line 2 of file CPWebScriptObject.h.

Method Documentation

- (id) callWebScriptMethod: (CPString methodName
withArguments: (CPArray)  args 

Call a method with arguments on the receiver.

methodName- The method that should be called.
args- An array of arguments to pass to the method call.

Definition at line 956 of file CPWebView.j.

- (id) evaluateWebScript: (CPString script

Evaluates a string of javascript and returns the result.

script- The script to run.
- The result of the evaluation, which may be 'undefined'.

Definition at line 978 of file CPWebView.j.

- (id) initWithWindow: (Window)  aWindow

Initializes the scripting object with the scripting Window object.

Definition at line 940 of file CPWebView.j.

- (Window) window

Returns the receivers Window object.

Definition at line 995 of file CPWebView.j.

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